Welcome to Siddharth Children Academy

Abhiprerna Trust Was established to promote Buddhist Culture by smt. Sheela Devi in 2008. Accordingly Jetvan Anathpindak Budh Vihar is being constructed at Siddharth Nagar, Nagal Mafi, Behat, Distt Saharanpur beneath Shivalik Hill Range. Lower portion of Budh Vihar has been completed and the upper portion is on its way. This budh vihar will have the height of 150 feet and will have statues of all these who contributed towards Buddhism by one way or another.


Adjacent to Budh Vihar, A Junior High School by the name’ Siddharth Children Academy has been established to cater to the needs of education to the children residing in the village & remote areas. The school was established in 2009 and started its academic session wef 2010. The School is at present imparting education upto Junior High School Level and will go upto Senior Secondary level in the near future. The School is run on charitable basis. Poor & needy students are given education without any charges or fees.


The whole project is visualized by visionary a Buddhist and ardent follower of Baba Saheb B.R Ambedkar. He is an ex-serviceman. Mr. Kundliwal’s life is devoted to Buddhism & the mission propagated by Baba Saheb Ambedkar.


All concerned, who believe in Buddhism or Baba Saheb Ambedkar may contribute in whatever manner they want to, in fulfilling this project.